About Us

Local Assistance

Since 2011, we've been helping in-need pet owners with pet food and supplies.  Currently, we distribute dog and cat food, free of charge to local non-profits assisting home bound seniors on fixed incomes, low income families, Veterans, and homeless pet owners.

Sick/Injured Animals in Need

We provide skilled veterinary care to badly injured animals, and loving hospice care to those who are nearing the end of their lives.  We also provide humane trapping services through our Desert Canid Project to dogs dumped in extremely rural desert areas, as well as sick coyotes and other desert canids.

Disaster Assistance

Since 2005, we've been deploying to natural disaster and cruelty cases nationwide when animals are in need of emergency help.  Hurricanes, wildfires, puppy mills, cockfighting operations, if we're needed, we're there.

Contact Us

If you need to reach us, the quickest way is by sending a message to us here, or-on our Facebook page.  

Mojave Desert Animal Rescue Inc.

PO Box 995; Lucerne Valley, California 92356

Please note: We do NOT have community veterinary funding available at this time, meaning we cannot assist you with veterinary bills.

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