The Blue Cut Fire has been a horrible disaster for residents and animals alike within our local community.  For some, the disaster isn’t over. Homes, outbuildings (such as barns) stables, stalls, and more-are gone.

If you were forced to evacuate during a wildfire or other disaster, and later came home to find your home burned down or severely damaged, what would you do to care for your pets and/or livestock?  That’s exactly what hundreds of local residents are facing at this time, and that’s where Mojave Desert Animal Rescue stands ready to help, but we can only do so with YOUR assistance!

Once the TV cameras and reporters leave, the disaster is still in the beginning stages for those who have had property damage, or even worse-the loss of their home.

Below are links for local residents who need temporary assistance due to property damage, and a brief foster application for residents who would like to help by fostering an animal of any species.

There is no financial obligation for animal fosters.  Everything needed to provide care will be provided.

Blue Cut Fire Application for Emergency Assistance

Blue Cut Fire: Animal Care/Foster Home Questionnaire

PayPal donations can be made to:

YouCaring Campaign


Checks may be sent to: (indicate your donation is for BLUE CUT FIRE)

Mojave Desert Animal Rescue Inc

PO Box 260

Apple Valley, CA 92307-0005

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If you are a FEED STORE and you’d like to support livestock in need with feed, please contact us!