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While the main focus of our work is with homeless pet owners, there are times that we find animals truly in harms way.  The animals we offer for adoption have come from very difficult circumstances, due to cruelty, carelessness, or animal dumping.


Although illegal, animal dumping is a huge problem in our region, and many owned pets do not have the identification needed to reunite them with their families.  Please be certain that your own pets are spayed/neutered,  are wearing a collar with correct identification, and have all pets microchipped.  Make certain microchips are registered with UP TO DATE information.

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Adoption Program

If you’re looking to adopt a pet, please visit one of our three high-desert animal shelters. A new best friend is waiting for you there! If you have lost your pet, be certain to CHECK ALL local shelters, as animals sometimes “cross jurisdictions” when they become lost. Please make sure your pets are fixed, licensed, and microchipped, and that all information is current. A collar with correct contact information, and a currentlyREGISTERED microchip may be the only thing that helps your pet find its way safely back home.


Town of Apple Valley Animal Services


Victor Valley Animal Protective League


City of Hesperia Animal Shelter