If you are interested in adopting a new furr-ever friend, please download our adoption application.  We take the placement of pets very seriously, and hope you do as well!

Adoption fees vary, and depend on the animal's age, if-or if not  spayed or neutered,  health needs, etc.  

We require a home visit, written permission from your landlord if you rent your home, and a (refundable) deposit if the animal you adopt is too young to be spayed/neutered at the time of adoption.  

Any unaltered animal adopted from MDAR Inc. must be altered within 60 days.

NO exceptions!

Here's how it works. 

1. Send us a completed adoption application. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. 

2. We may schedule a phone interview with you first, depending on your location.

3. If your adoption application passes initial screening, a home check and a meet and greet will be scheduled.  If you rent your home, we must have a copy of your lease, and a written authorization from your landlord.  If adopting a "bully breed," be certain your landlord's homeowner's insurance policy is pet friendly. 

4. If the pet you would like to adopt has not yet been altered, surgery will be required in nearly all cases prior to adoption. If an animal is too young, a deposit of $150 (for males) or $250 (for females) is required. This deposit is refundable upon providing proof of sterilization from a licensed veterinarian.

5. We guarantee the animal to be healthy at the time of adoption. If for some reason your new pet becomes ill, you have the option of either returning the pet to us, or obtaining veterinary treatment at your own cost.

We know this sounds like a lot to go through, however we routinely deal with pets that have been dumped in our desert region; in addition we have a large pet overpopulation.  

We want to ensure that you, your family, and your pet---have a lifetime of love and fun together!